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What are some of the most important straight stairlift features to look for?

When the time comes to invest in a straight stairlift for your home, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options on the market.

How do you know where to start? What features do you need to consider to make sure you find the best straight stairlift for your accessible home?

In this post, we’ll explore some of the most important stairlift features, explain how they help, and recommend some terrific stairlifts to inspire you.

5 key straight stairlift features

Obstruction sensors

Obstruction sensors are a terrific safety feature that help you stay secure as you ascend or descend your staircase.

They detect any obstructions on the track and bring the stairlift to a stop to prevent accidents. For example, a pet may have left a toy directly in the stairlift’s path or you dropped an item of clothing from a laundry basket on the journey upstairs or downstairs.

Whatever the obstruction, these sensors eliminate the risk of your stairlift colliding with it — preventing potential damage to the machine and (of course) personal injury.

Retractable seat belt

A secure, retractable seat belt is a must for any good stairlift. They keep you safe, without being stiff or restrictive, while the chair is in motion — so you can stay comfortable at all times.

As retractable seat belts also withdraw into a retractor when not in use, they won’t hang at the side of the stairlift or cause a tangling risk when you try to get into or out of the chair. Just pull on the seat belt gently to lock it into the buckle as you would in a car.

Power swivel seat

Swivel seats are safe, convenient, and can help you get into or out of your stairlift faster.

Why? Because you can swivel the seat at the top of the stairs and step right onto the landing. Power swivel seats are an upgraded version: they turn automatically at the end of your journey along the rail.

This is a particularly user-friendly option if you want or need to minimize the amount of manual operation involved.

Adjustable track

Installing a stairlift in a compact space can be a challenge, but the latest track designs offer a solution if you have limited room at the bottom of your stairs.

An adjustable track can be raised or lowered before and after use at the touch of a button. This eliminates a potential trip hazard and makes for a safer hallway, for yourself and others in your home.

When not in use, the extendable section of the rail remains tucked away in a convenient position.

Power footrest

A footrest is essential on any stairlift: it keeps your feet elevated, comfortable, and out of the way while the chair is moving. But standard footrests must be raised or dropped manually, which could be difficult for users with arthritis or injuries that restrict their range of motion.

Fortunately, a power footrest is a simpler option. It just flips up automatically when the stairlift stops!

6 fantastic straight stairlifts available now

Total Access Solutions has picked six outstanding straight stairlifts to help you find the right model for your home, with an insight into their top features.

Bruno Elan 3050

The Bruno Elan 3050 is the brand’s best-selling stairlift. It’s designed for straight staircases inside the home, with a narrow rail that fits close to the wall to leave ample space on the stairway.

User-friendly controls are conveniently positioned on the armrest, and two wireless remotes are included (you may want to keep one upstairs and the other downstairs). The seat swivels up to 90 degrees at the top of the stairs.

Bruno Elite

The Bruno Elite stairlift features a luxuriously comfortable seat with a generous size, as well as adjustable arm widths and footrest height to help you get it just right.

The seat swivels up to 90 degrees for safety and convenience, while the power footrest folds up or down automatically. You can raise or lower the adjustable track at the bottom of the stairs if space is at a premium in your hallway, to avoid blocking doors or creating a trip hazard.

Handicare 950

The Handicare 950 stairlift is an entry-level model from a brand with 130 years’ experience in lifting and mobility solutions.

You can prevent unauthorized use with the key provided, to ensure only yourself or anyone else with accessibility requirements can use the stairlift. This offers valuable peace of mind if you have young children in the home and want to ensure they can’t access it.

The Handicare 950 also includes a Slide Track: this moves up the staircase at the same time as the seat — so the bottom of the stairs remains totally clear. The stairlift also has an incredibly slim design to maximize space on your stairway.

Handicare 950 Plus

The Handicare 950 Plus is an advanced version of the standard Handicare 950.

One of its added features is the Smart Seat: this fits to your height and width for irresistible comfort. An automatic swivel feature is available too.

Handicare 1000

With the Handicare 1000 stairlift, users have the option to try an XXL model that provides an increased weight capacity of 440 lbs. (compared to the standard model’s 350 lbs. capacity).

It also includes two remotes and a key to prevent unauthorized use.

Handicare 1100

The Handicare 1100 boasts an ultra-slim, compact design and the slimmest straight rail available.

It also features four drive rollers and a friction rail system, instead of a traditional tooth track. This ensures smooth, quiet performance.

Each of these stairlifts is a high-quality, reliable option for any home with a straight staircase. And they’re all available from Total Access Solutions!

We can provide in-home or virtual consultations to discuss your accessibility requirements and offer the best warranty in the industry.

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