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Outdoor Stair Lifts - The Perfect Solution for Enhancing Home Accessibility

More than 2.5 million Canadians aged 15 and above live with a mobility disability. Various aids and assistive devices, such as walking sticks and walk-in showers, can help with everyday activities. But a common challenge for people with any form of mobility disability is using stairs — especially outside.

Outdoor stairs may pose a risk for a number of reasons, such as wet weather, unstable construction, or a lack of railings to hold onto. You may only use stairs with help from someone else, which could affect your freedom to come and go as you please.

However, outdoor stair lifts can make using stairs safer, faster, and simpler.

How do they work? What benefits do they offer? In this post, we will explore everything you need to know about outdoor stair lifts and how they can help you.

Understanding the Basics of Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stair lifts are designed to transport users up and down a set of stairs safely. They function in the same way as their indoor counterparts: you simply sit in the cushioned seat and use the controls to ascend or descend the stairs at a stable pace.

Stair lifts are attached to a track that runs the length of the staircase, and they move along the rail on the track. It is powered by Batteries (via a nearby electrical outlet for charger), stair lifts incorporate a battery pack for a power supply so they always work, even with a power outage.

You can choose from a wide range of stair lifts from various brands, with different features and design elements to suit diverse user requirements.

The Benefits of Outdoor Stair Lifts

Here are the top five benefits of installing a stair lift outside:

Increased Mobility

Fitting a stair lift to one or more exterior staircases can help you access different areas of your home easily and safely. You won’t be restricted to using your front, rear, or side door only because it’s the most convenient option. Instead, you can install a stair lift on any outdoor staircase and improve your home’s overall accessibility.

Enhanced Independence

You may come and go without depending on a loved one or carer to help you up or down the stairs each time. That can increase your independence in a small but significant way. If necessary, you can also transfer to a wheelchair at the top or bottom of the stairs.


Outdoor stair lifts include various safety features to keep you secure. Safety sensors, for example, detect obstructions in the stair lift’s path and bring it to a stop to reduce the risk of accidents.

Automatic safety features are popular today, too. Power swivel seats rotate the seat to face the landing automatically when you get to the top of the stairs, and power folding footrests flip up or down then the seat rises or lowers.


Your comfort is paramount when using any stair lift. The best brands understand this, which is why high-quality outdoor stair lifts feature padded seats and armrests. You can also adjust the height of your seat for added comfort and convenience.


Brands create outdoor stair lifts for different needs and staircases, so you can find the ideal one for your home. Crucially, you can choose from stair lifts for both straight and curved staircases.

Success Story

Outdoor stair lifts can empower people with mobility disabilities to use their own stairs safely, and the results can be amazing. Below, we share the story of a client who enjoys enhanced accessibility after installing an outdoor stair lift.

“I have been experiencing age-related mobility issues for several years, and a task as simple as using the stairs outside my home has become more difficult than I ever imagined it could. I relied on help from my children and friends to enter or exit my home, but soon found myself missing the independence I used to enjoy so much.

“Fortunately, a friend of a friend recommended that I try an outdoor stair lift to improve the accessibility of my home. I looked into the options available on the market, and found Total Access Solutions’ range of outdoor stair lifts.

“Since installing the stair lift outside my home, I have rediscovered the joys of independence. I can come and go without depending on others for help, all at the touch of a button. I intend to install a stair lift inside my home in the near future, too.”

The Installation Process of Outdoor Stair Lifts

Installing outdoor stair lifts on your property is more straightforward than you may expect. The process begins with a virtual or in-home consultation to help you choose the right stair lift for your exact needs.

On the day of installation, a track is attached to the staircase with brackets, which help to elevate the rail. The stair lift is attached to the stairs to avoid damaging the walls. If you have a curved staircase, the installation may take a little longer than it would on a straight staircase, though not by much.

Total Access Solutions provides a complete installation service for your convenience and peace of mind.


Stair lifts fitted outside your home can make it more accessible, improve your safety, and restore your independence. You won’t be reliant on others to go up and down stairs anymore, which can be restrictive for people with mobility limitations.

Total Access Solutions offers a selection of the latest outdoor stair lifts from trusted brands, with options for straight and curved staircases. We provide expert installation and support for all products.

We’re happy to schedule an in-home or virtual consultation to discuss your mobility requirements, explore our range of stair lifts for outdoor spaces, and offer advice on choosing the right model for you.

We have more than 30 years of experience in helping people with home accessibility solutions. Contact Total Access Solutions now to schedule your consultation and get more information on our outdoor stair lifts.

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