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Home Care Beds & Surfaces

The home care bed is an item that is often overlooked, but it should not be. Have a bed that has options like high or low (safe transfers at any height) for your family. These beds can help to prevent falls and injuries among aged patients.


Call us today to discuss your needs and options. Our expert staff will be happy to provide some tips on how to choose the safest bed and custom surface possible.



Permobil Trost & Trost Plus

Standard: 36” headboard/footboard and half side rails

Weight Capacity: Up to 600lb

Standard with:  36” headboard/footboard and half side rails. Trendelenburg comes standard.

36”, 39”, 42”. Length extension up to 84”

15-30 degree incline

Low: 6.75”

High: 30”

Options: footboard controls, assist bar, trapeze bar, battery back up, transport trolley, Natural or Wine colour

Permobil Halsa Bed

Standard: 36”, 39”, 42”, 48”

Standard with: Standard and Plus size incl. 10-button hand pendant. Trendelenburg comes standard.

Weight Capacity: Up to 375lb standard, 500lb for Plus/Bariatric model

15*-30* degree incline

Low: 9.875”

High: 25.625”

Options: Assist bar, half side rails, full side rails, trapeze bar, battery back up, upgraded lrg caster option, Natural or Wine colour


Permobil Resten Hi-Lo

Standard: 39”x80”

Standard with: Lumbar, led lighting, memory settings, USB phone charger

Weight: Up to 410lb

Options: Side rails, Massage settings

Permobil Resten Select

Standard: Twin XL or Queen | 39x80 and 60x80

Standard with: LED Lighting, Memory settings, USB phone charger

Weight: Up to 600lb

Options: Adjustable height legs


Rotec Multi-Tech

Standard: 36”,39”,48”

Standard with: 6 functions remote control,
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Length: 75/80”

Min: 12” Max: 29”

Back Angle 80

Foot Angle 45*

Options: Multi Colour, Rails, IV Pole, Bed trolley, side rail pad, pump support

Rotec Multi-Position

Standard: 36”, 39”, 54”, 60”

Standard with: Adjustable head and feet, cordless remote, castors with brake

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Length: 80”

Min: 14” Max: 24”

Back 68.5

Foot 38


Side Rails

Colour Options

Options: Cordless Remote


Rotec Varitech

Standard: 36”-54” x 75/80” – Adjustable

Standard with: 8 functions remote, adjustable foot angles, side and foot mattress retainer, Trendelenburg

Weight Capacity: 1100 lbs

Min: 13” Max: 30”

Back 64

Options: Variety of Side Rail Options, Nurse Control, fixed base, length extension

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