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Stairlift Repair: The Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Stairlift Repair: The Essential Do’s and Don’ts

What would you do if your stairlift stopped working?

It’s a nightmare scenario if you rely on your stairlift to stay independent at home. A fast, effective repair service is the ideal solution if your stairlift lets you down — but you have to keep a number of factors in mind before taking action.

Below, we explore essential stairlift do’s and don’ts to help you regain your independence safely.

Do buy your stairlift from a reputable brand offering ongoing service and support

The most important step is to only buy a stairlift from a trustworthy business committed to a high standard of after-sale support. If you purchase yours second-hand from a private seller, you have no way to know the stairlift’s real performance history.

You could ask the seller when the stairlift was made, when it was first installed, if it experienced any technical issues, and other key questions. But you’re at the mercy of their honesty and any legitimate paperwork they may have.

Yes, you might be able to buy the stairlift at a bargain price, but what would you do if it stopped working within hours of installing it in your home? The private seller might have disappeared, leaving you with a piece of equipment you can’t use.

Avoid the temptation to purchase through anything other than a reputable stairlift retailer. When you buy a Stairlift from a reputable company you can trust that no matter if it is new or used, it will have been checked out to make sure it is in good working order before being installed. They also will provide ongoing service and support if you experience any technical problems in the future. You’ll enjoy total peace of mind knowing professional help is just a phone call away.

Don’t try to repair stairlifts yourself

It’s tempting to experiment with technology when it lets you down. But you could put your safety at risk if you try to take your stairlift apart and inspect the damage yourself. Even if you have years of experience repairing electronic items, leave your stairlift’s internal components to the experts.

Any mistakes you make could worsen any existing damage and increase the amount of time required to fix the stairlift. It’s always best to trust an expert who knows how to put malfunctioning stairlifts right and get them running safely again, rather than assuming you know best.

Just make a note of any technical issues and when they started. That could help the experts identify problems sooner.

Do buy a stairlift with a good warranty

Always look for a stairlift retailer offering fair warranties. Reputable businesses reassure customers that certain potential problems will be covered by a warranty for one or more years after purchase. The fear of paying for unexpected repairs or replacements down the line can be stressful, especially if you have other regular outgoings to consider.

Speak to your local stairlift retailer about their warranties before you buy. This should cover most or all repairs you might require in the future.

Don’t hire a repair service without checking its reputation first

If you choose to hire a local repair service to fix your stairlift, take the time to check reputations and reviews first. Calling the first option you come across online or in the phone book could be a mistake.

Browse their professional social media pages if they have any. Previous customers may have written reviews and included pictures or videos of their work. This can provide a more transparent insight into their quality of service than relying on their official website only.

Look for reviews on Google or popular feedback sites, too. Countless people share details of their customer experience with service providers, to encourage or warn other buyers.

Another reliable option is to ask other stairlift-users in your area to recommend a trustworthy repair service.

Do check for any obvious issues before calling for help

Your stairlift’s performance issues may be caused by a simple problem that takes seconds to fix. For example, another member of the household or a visitor (such as a grandchild) could have switched it off without realizing. It’s obvious, but people tend to overlook causes that seem too easy and assume there’s a bigger fault to blame.

Take a moment to check everything is as it should be with your stairlift and the rail. A minor obstruction could prevent the stairlift moving, even an item you can only spot by careful examination.

You might be unable to inspect your stairlift and the rail effectively because of mobility issues. In that case, ask a friend or neighbor to check for you. If they see an obvious obstruction and remove it, you’ll have saved yourself time and worry.

If you and other members of your household can’t see any clear reason behind your stairlift’s performance issues, call a professional. Any stairlift provider offering good warranties will be happy to send a technician to your home at a convenient time.

Don’t place more strain on the stairlift than it can accommodate

Avoid exceeding your stairlift’s maximum weight by placing heavy loads on the stairlift.

For example, carrying a box of hardback books up or down your stairs becomes much easier with a stairlift, but placing too much strain on the system could lead to serious performance problems that require an expert’s touch.

Be aware of your stairlift’s maximum weight limit and stick to it. Transporting small items with you may be fine, but only within reason.

Choosing a stairlift provider you can trust

Another essential step when buying a stairlift for your home is finding a provider you trust. This can be a challenge when investing in a stairlift or undertaking accessibility enhancements in your property for the first time. But you want to feel reassured that you’re in good hands from the moment you start browsing the range of stairlifts on offer.

At Total Access Solutions, we’re committed to helping you maintain your independence with the latest indoor and outdoor accessibility solutions. You can try our stairlifts before you buy, take advantage of the best warranties, and expect fast repairs from expert technicians. We can install stairlifts for straight and curved staircases, catering to all homes.

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