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Which Stairlift Company Should I Use?

What are the most important questions to ask when you’re looking for a trustworthy stairlift company?

If this is your first time buying a stairlift for your home, finding and choosing the right supplier may be a daunting prospect. But asking the right questions will help you to choose the best stairlift company for your budget.

So, let’s explore the essential factors to keep in mind when searching for your ideal stairlift provider.

What Home Assessments and Consultations are Available?

A trustworthy, reliable stairlift company offers free home assessments to every single customer.

It’s an essential part of the service. Why?

● Home assessments give you the chance to meet a representative from the business face to face

● An employee of the company can explore your home and get a better idea of your staircase, your accessibility needs, and your expectations

● You can learn more about the level of service the supplier offers

Virtual consultations may be available, too.

But a reliable stairlift company will never charge for a consultation, whether it’s in-home or virtual. If you’ve been told to pay a small fee in advance of a visit, that could be a red flag.

Do They Offer Competitive Prices?

We all want to find the best deals. We all want to save money however we can. And this is no different when buying a stairlift.

The best stairlift company in your area will be committed to delivering the highest standard of service at the lowest price they can afford. But it’s vital that you be careful with businesses which promise to install your stairlift for a price that seems suspiciously too good to be true. They may be cutting corners or delivering stairlifts which are simply not fit for purpose. You might prefer not to base your decision on price alone.

Speak to your chosen stairlift company about their rates and payment options. The best will offer the most competitive prices and highest-quality models in your area.

Can I Try the Stairlift in My Own Home Before I Buy?

One of the most impressive aspects of an outstanding stairlift installation service is the option to try before you buy.

This helps you to avoid the risk of fitting a stairlift in your home and finding that it’s not quite right soon after. That could lead to severe disappointment and extra expense — two things we all want to avoid.

Ask your prospective stairlift company about trying before you buy, and take advantage of it if available.

What Type of Warranty Will My Stairlift Have?

A good stairlift company delivers quality aftercare, and that includes providing a competitive warranty.

This should cover you in the unlikely event of a mechanical or design fault down the line. You won’t have to face the stress of high repair or replacement fees. That can make a big difference to your customer experience.

Does My Stairlift Company Offer a Selection of Stairlifts from Different Manufacturers?

With so many stairlift manufacturers on the market, it’s nice to have a range of options rather than being restricted to just one brand.

That’s why the best stairlift company in your area will offer you a selection of models from reputable manufacturers. Pricing tends to differ from one brand to another, so the more freedom a provider offers, the more flexible costs you can expect.

Once the company shares the different models in its portfolios with you, you can research their specifications and performance yourself before choosing your new stairlift.

What Sort of Reputation Does My Stairlift Company Have?

You can learn a lot about a stairlift company from its previous customers. The best businesses share testimonials from buyers, but you should be able to find additional reviews and feedback online.

Photographs of completed installations may be available for you to browse, too. Ideally, a company will share a number of pictures across their website and social media (usually Facebook) to demonstrate their expertise.

Take advantage of any feedback and images. You’ll discover more about your potential supplier’s quality and gain the peace of mind you need to feel satisfied in your choice.

Can My Friends or Relatives Recommend a Stairlift Business?

If your friends or relatives can recommend a stairlift company in your area, that’s a terrific place to start your search.

This is particularly helpful if their home is structured similarly to your own, with a straight or curved staircase. That’s not essential, of course, but you’ll have a more accurate impression of what to expect in your own home.

Will a Good Stairlift Company Offer Rental and Buyback Plans?

Rental and lift buyback plans are a fantastic addition to any stairlift company’s service. The option to rent a stairlift before buying may be ideal for you, depending on your current finances.

And the freedom to sell your stairlift to a provider can reduce the impact of investing in a brand-new model. It also solves the problem of removing your existing stairlift in preparation for your replacement.

Does a Reliable Stairlift Company Offer Additional Accessibility and Barrier-Free Design Solutions?

Last but by no means least: the best stairlift companies offer several accessibility solutions for inside and outside your home.

These may include:

● Ceiling lifts

● Floor lifts

● Ramps

● Porch lifts

● Vehicle lifts

● Transferring devices

● Pool lifts

● Railings

Each will improve your property’s accessibility, and create a safer environment for yourself and other members of your household.

Ask your local stairlift provider about its portfolio of accessibility solutions, particularly those intended to complement stairlifts.

Take care when choosing a stairlift company: ask questions, explore testimonials/reviews, and look into their full product/service selection.

This will ensure your stairlift is safe, secure, cost-effective, and perfect for your everyday accessibility needs.

Want to learn more about Total Access Solutions’ range of straight, custom curved, and outdoor stairlifts? Have questions about our free home assessments, try before you buy service, or our 30 years of experience in the business?

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