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Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Stairlift?

If you rely on a stairlift to stay independent and mobile in your own home, the prospect of being without one can be incredibly upsetting.

But stairlifts are electrical appliances and, like your refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher, may experience issues from time to time. They may even break down altogether, particularly as they get older.

And if your old stairlift is starting to show signs of being past its best, you may wonder whether to repair or replace it.

Which is the right decision for you? Let’s explore your options.

The benefits of repairing your old stairlift

We live in a throw-away society: one product stops working as it should, and we get rid of it. Sometimes, that’s cheaper and easier than finding someone who can repair it.

But simply disposing of an appliance when it fails to perform as it should, without checking whether it can be salvaged, might lead you to spend more than you have to on a brand-new model.

That’s true of stairlifts. You may be able to have yours repaired if it’s starting to malfunction or move a little slower than it should. The problem could be simple enough for a trained, qualified technician to fix within a matter of minutes.

Choosing to repair your stairlift instead of replacing it can save you money, certainly, but it also enables you to keep the model you’re already familiar with. Perhaps your stairlift has been a fixture of your home for years, and you feel uncomfortable with the idea of installing another one.

And if a technician can visit your home to repair your stairlift on your property, without taking it away, you don’t face the risk of being without a stairlift while waiting for it to be returned.

After all, if you choose to remove and dispose of the chair, you might have a long wait before your new one arrives (especially if you buy it through an unreliable supplier).

Essentially, it comes down to this: if you feel your stairlift can be repaired and continue to provide you with months or years of safe performance, organizing a repair may be the ideal solution.

The benefits of replacing your old stairlift

The best stairlifts are incredible products, providing you with the mobility you need to move from one level of your home to another in comfort. No need to ask a spouse, friend, or relative to help you. No need to put yourself at risk trying to make your way up- or downstairs on foot.

However, even the best stairlifts can experience performance issues at one time or another. If you’ve used your chair for yours or even decades, it may be unable to provide you with the safety, security, and reliability you need for as long as you would like.

Severe mechanical faults could leave your stairlift in such a state of disrepair that even the most well-trained technicians would struggle to restore it.

The parts required to put it in action might be difficult or impossible to find. The technology could fall short of modern safety standards. And the cost of repairing the chair may even exceed that of a brand-new model.

In any of these cases, experts would likely recommend that you just invest in a new stairlift. Reliable firms will do whatever they can to ensure you have the stairlift you want in your own home. And that means if your current stairlift can’t be repaired effectively or safely, they will help you find a suitable replacement.

Of course, it’s possible that you would rather invest in a new stairlift rather than stick with your old one. Perhaps you’re excited by the promise of cutting-edge functionality and features which your well-used chair simply can’t compete with. Perhaps you want to treat yourself and/or a loved one to a state-of-the-art stairlift that suits your home better.

Whatever your motivation, whatever your stairlift preferences, a malfunctioning chair can create the perfect situation to upgrade.

In short: if your current stairlift is too expensive or impractical to repair, a replacement may be the right — or even only — option for you. However, you might see this as the ideal opportunity to switch to a brand-new stairlift that meets your needs to a higher level.

What if I replace a stairlift that still functions well?

If you decide to replace your stairlift but feel guilty about disposing of a functional chair that needs a little tune-up to be at its best, don’t worry.: you might be able to take advantage of a buy-back service.

This is a simple, fantastic way to make a little money off your old stairlift, create free space in your home for the replacement, and alleviate any concerns you may have about creating unnecessary waste.

At Total Access Solutions, we offer competitive lift buyback plans to help you finance your new stairlift.

When you buy a new one, you want to know you’re paying for a quality model that offers long-lasting, reliable performance. Total Access Solutions offers a choice between manufacture brands, which is terrific if you’re loyal to one or more specific companies. You can enjoy peace of mind when you know you’re paying for a quality product from a quality name.

Another perk of our service is that we offer the best warranty in the industry. You don’t need to worry about anything going wrong with your replacement chair: we’ll take care of any little issues if they arise.

Our local technicians are available to service and repair your stairlift. We keep most parts in stock to minimize the length and inconvenience of your wait time.

We provide free in-home and virtual consultations to assess your property before you choose your stairlift. This eliminates the danger of you buying the wrong stairlift for your personal mobility needs and property.

Whether you want to repair or replace your stairlifts or learn more about installing one in your home, get in touch with Total Access Solutions now.

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