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Bathroom Safety 101 in Toronto - Simple Upgrades for Safer, More Accessible Spaces in the GTA

Good bathroom safety is crucial to ensure that all household members remain safe, secure, and comfortable while using it. Unfortunately, seniors and individuals with limited mobility may struggle to use their bathroom safely. Wet floors, high bathtubs, and low toilet seats can all make everyday tasks more dangerous than they should be.

However, a wide range of simple upgrades are available in the Greater Toronto Area to improve bathroom safety. And in this post, we’ll look at 12 of the best options on the market.

What Bathroom Safety Upgrades are Available?

Wall-Mounted Grab Bars

Wall-mounted grab bars are a critical upgrade to improve bathroom safety and accessibility. Any members of your household who struggle with their balance or general mobility (due to age, injury, or illness) will find navigating the bathroom safely much easier.

Holding onto grab bars can help you sit or stand to use the toilet, get yourself into a stable position at a sink, and step into or out of a shower.


Handrails are similar to grab bars, only they’re longer and designed to help users cross more space safely. Installing one or more handrails on bathroom walls may help you walk from one side of your bathroom to another without letting go of a secure point.

Tub cut-outs in Bathtubs

Climbing into and out of a bathtub can be dangerous for anyone with limited mobility. The fear of falling and suffering an injury in a traditional tub may leave you reluctant to get into the tub altogether. But tub cut out in your bathtub offer a safer, more convenient solution by lower the step into the tub by 8”-10”.

A small section is cut out of your tub with a finished edge in the side allows you to enter and exit the bathtub without needing to lift your legs as high to get into the tub. That means you may be able to enter and exit the tub without relying on a loved one or carer to lift you in and out of the tub.

Clamp Grab Bars and Rails

Clamp grab bars and rails attach to the side of your bathtub to provide a secure handhold. However, there is no need for drilling or tools to install a clamp grab bar or rail: a simple locking mechanism fixes them in place.

As a result, you can remove them easily if necessary, without leaving behind any sign that they were attached. They also tend to feature rubber pads to prevent scratching the bathtub.

Shower Seats

A shower seat can make showering safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable if you have mobility limitations. Simply sit on the seat to prevent sliding and slipping on the wet floor.

Shower seats may be adjustable to suit users of different heights, and backrests can improve comfort. On certain models, armrests and handles offer further stability.

Raised Toilet Seats

If you struggle to bend down or even sit on a low surface, using a standard toilet may be uncomfortable and inconvenient. However, installing a raised toilet seat can make the process safer and generally more pleasant.

Raised toilet seats increase the height of the seat by a number of inches, which reduces the amount of movement necessary to sit and stand. Most raised toilet seats will fit any toilet bowl, whether it has an oval or round shape.

Transfer Benches

A transfer bench is designed to improve bathroom safety by providing a stable surface to sit on when getting into or out of a bathtub. This may be a suitable alternative if a walk-in bathtub is unviable for your home or budget.

Transfer benches are positioned over the tub: the user sits on the end of the bench and slides along until they are inside the tub. This is safer than climbing into and out of a bathtub unassisted.

Bath Lift

Following on from transfer benches, a bath lift is a similar option to consider. The user is gradually lowered into the bathtub and immersed in the water without needing to bend or sit manually. They can use the lift to raise themselves out of the water when they’re ready to get out of the bathtub. Battery operated for safe and reliable transfers in and out of your tub

Non-Slip Flooring

Laying non-slip flooring can improve bathroom safety for everyone, not just infirm individuals or those with mobility limitations. Bathrooms often become moist from condensation and water spillages, which can increase the risk of falling.

Switching to non-slip flooring provides more traction and peace of mind. You may be able to use the bathroom independently with a good non-slip flooring. Vinyl, stone, and ceramic options are available.

Improved Lighting

If your current bathroom lights are dim or spread far apart, they can make a negative impact on your overall bathroom safety.

One reason is that you may not see droplets or pools of water on the bathroom floor, which pose a potentially serious risk of injury. Another negative effect of poor lighting is that it can be harder to judge distances, and you may find it difficult to reach grab bars or other safety features properly.

For better bathroom safety, your lighting should be bright enough to see any spillages on surfaces and all safety features. However, avoid making it too bright — excessive glare could be uncomfortable and distracting.

Consulting with accessibility specialists will help you make the right lighting choices to improve your bathroom safety.

Toilet Safety Frames

Toilet safety frames are positioned around a toilet to create a secure handhold when standing or sitting. These can improve your safety, confidence, and independence when using the toilet.

Handheld Shower Heads

Installing a detachable shower head with a long hose enables you to direct the water flow wherever it’s needed, instead of moving your body to get into the right position. Carers may also find handheld shower heads helpful when bathing someone unable to do it themselves.

How Can You Improve Bathroom Safety in Your Home in the GTA?

Bathroom safety is essential to cultivate a more accessible home. And if you’re based anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, you can trust Total Access Solutions to help you.

Total Access Solutions will make your bathroom safer, whether you need individual safety features, a full conversion, or a renovation. To schedule your free consultation, get in touch today!


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