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8 Must-Have Bathroom Safety Solutions for Seniors and People with Limited Abilities

Bathroom Safety Introduction

For seniors and people with Limited Abilities, using the bathroom can be difficult, exhausting, and potentially dangerous. Wet surfaces, slippery tiles, and deep bathtubs are just some of the obstacles people face each time they visit their bathroom.

Fortunately, bathroom safety solutions can make using the bathroom safer, more convenient, and more practical. But with so many products on the market, how do you know which bathroom safety solutions are right for your home?

Below, we’ll explore eight must-have bathroom safety solutions designed to make bathrooms more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities.

Tub Cut-Outs

A tub cut-out is a simple way to make almost any standard bathtub accessible for seniors and people with limited abilities. A section of an existing tub’s sidewall is cut out and replaced with a watertight insert. After the cut-out, the sidewall’s height will be reduced enough to allow for easier access. Making the tub edge 8”-12” lower.

Installing a tub cut-out is simple for a specialist with the right tools and training.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are metallic bars attached to walls, usually in bathrooms. They provide users with a fixed handhold and help them maintain their balance. Ideally a grab bar will have a textured finish, either peened or knurled for a safe grip even when wet.

Grab bars can be installed vertically or horizontally or even installed on an angle. Ask the installer when they come for the installation what configuration would be best for you.

You can choose from multiple types, including:

● Basic Stainless steel or Fancy

● Straight grab bars

● L Shaped Grab Bars

● Curved grab bars

● Installed Vertically grab bars

● Installed Horizontally grab bars

Grab bars may be placed around the bathroom as required. They are commonly attached close to toilets, bathtubs, and sinks.

When installing grab bars, they must be at a safe, convenient height for the intended user. A grab bar should be easy to hold without forcing the user to reach up or compromise their footing.

Bath Seats

Bath seats provide a secure sitting base for users who may find sitting on the floor of a tub impossible or too uncomfortable. They also allow for easier transfers for wheelchair users. Rubber pads keep bath seats in position to prevent slippages and injuries.

One of the most common types of bath seat is the free-standing seat. This sits about 18” from the bath floor and enables the user to wash in comfort. Most Bath Seats are adjustable height and can be made lower or higher depending on the users needs.

Another option is the swivel bath seat. This is designed to help the user get into and out of the tub with less effort.

Consider the user’s current mobility and capabilities, as well as how their physical condition may change in the near future.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches complement a bath seat perfectly. They are placed across a bathtub, with two legs on the outside and two on the inside.

Seniors and people living with disabilities can use a transfer bench to get into and out of a bathtub safely. Transfer benches are long enough to span the width of the bathtub, leaving a small section outside of the tub to sit on and then slide into the tub safely.

Installing a transfer bench is a straightforward process and can make a big difference to the user’s bathing routine.

Long Shower Hoses and Slide Bars

A long shower hose allows seniors and people with limited abilities to enjoy a relaxing, refreshing shower from a seated position. If possible, they can handle the shower head themselves without the worry of the hose being too short.

Similarly, long slide bars enable the shower head to be moved lower to reach seated users. This is ideal if the user is unable to handle the head with a long hose.

When choosing a long shower hose or slide bar, make sure that you pick one long enough to suit the user. They should be able to handle it with minimal effort.

Tub Safety Clamps

Tub safety clamps can be attached to the side of a bathtub for hassle-free accessibility. They provide a secure grab-point for seniors and people with disabilities, allowing them to climb into and out of a tub or shower safely.

Safety clamps are easy to install on most bathtubs and can be adjusted by hand with the fixing mechanism. Tub safety clamps improve accessibility without the need for heavy work, and they are widely available.

When installing tub safety clamps, check and recheck that they are fitted securely before use.

Shower Commodes

For seniors and people with limited abilities, both showering and using a toilet can be incredibly difficult. Shower commodes are designed for two purposes: they can be used safely in a shower, and their open seat may be placed directly over a toilet.

As shower commodes feature water-resistant materials, they may be used in the shower and while toileting without damaging the seat. They are also easy to clean to maintain healthy hygiene.

Different types of shower commodes include:

● Static

● Mobile

● Folding

● Tilting

When choosing a shower commode, consider the user’s current and potential needs. For example, a folding shower commode is ideal for people who travel or have limited space at home.

Standard Commodes

Like shower commodes, standard commodes assist people who are unable to reach or use a toilet. They feature a seat with a pot and a removable lid.

Most are designed to keep the user comfortable between uses, and different types are available. These include foldable and adjustable models, available in a wide variety of designs and materials.


These eight must-have bathroom safety solutions empower seniors and people with disabilities to use their bathrooms securely.

When choosing safety solutions for your bathroom, assess the user’s personal needs and preferences carefully. Prioritize safety and independence: choosing the right bathroom safety solutions can provide the user with peace of mind and reduce their dependence on others for help.

Total Access Solutions has more than 30 years of experience helping seniors and people with disabilities. We have an extensive range of bathroom safety solutions, and provide full conversions and renovations. Contact our friendly team to learn more today!

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