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Stay Upright, Stay Safe - The Untold Benefits of Installing Grab Bars

Grab bars are a simple solution for improving safety in the home. They can be installed within all types of properties to provide a fixed handhold and complement other home modifications (including stairlifts and ramps).

However, if you have yet to install any accessibility solutions in your property, you may wonder if grab bars are a valuable investment. To help you make an informed choice, we’ll discuss the various benefits grab bars offer below.

Reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls

In Canada, falls are the leading cause for hospitalizations due to injury among adults aged 65 and above. While many of these individuals may recover from their falls with little to no lasting effects, some injuries can be severe enough to impact a person’s mobility for years to come.

It’s vital to reduce the risk of falls at home, and grab bars can play a large part. They provide a stable handhold for anyone with limited mobility due to age, injury, illness, or a medical condition. Positioning multiple grab bars throughout your home, such as in your bathroom and hallways, can increase safety on a daily basis.

For example, if you have a stairlift installed, adding grab bars at the top and bottom of the stairs can help you climb into and out of the seat with care. That’s ideal for wheelchair users who need to transfer to the stairlift and back.

Grab bars are stable enough to handle a wide range of weights, and they’re available in various sizes to suit the space available.

Maintain or restore your independence

According to the National Home Modifications Survey 2021, more than three-quarters of Canadians would prefer to age in their current home. One of the major reasons for this is to stay independent.

Home modifications, including grab bars, can help older people remain independent in their own home.

Installing grab bars in your bathroom, for instance, can make using the toilet, shower, and bathtub safer. We all want privacy in the bathroom, so relying on others for help can be difficult. Some older people may find having a carer or loved one attend to them in the bathroom upsetting, especially if it’s a long-term requirement.

However, grab bars can help you enjoy more independence in all household activities. As they’re available in different sizes and designs, you’ll be able to find the right grab bars for your bathroom. You may prefer to have a pair mounted directly onto your bathtub, installed on the wall beside it, or both.

A simple way to boost accessibility in your home

If you want to make your home more accessible, installing grab bars is one of the quickest, simplest solutions. Even high-quality grab bars are available at competitive prices, and installing them is usually a straightforward process in the hands of an expert.

Grab bars don’t require significant structural work or days of heavy-duty adjustments, either. And, as grab bars are typically small, they can be installed in many different areas of the home to suit your personal requirements.

You might prefer to start with a couple in your bathroom to make getting into and out of bed easier. Then, you could add them to your bedroom, kitchen, and anywhere else as needed.

Installing grab bars is a good place to start if you want to experiment with home modifications before you try more, too. Once you see the positive difference they can make, grab bars may inspire you to explore more options.

Know that loved ones are more secure

If your elderly grandparents, parents, or any other loved ones live with limited mobility, you may know the difficulties they face at their home. A seemingly simple task like going upstairs to find a book or use the toilet can be much more time-consuming and tiring than it used to be. It could be even more challenging if they have nobody on hand to help them move from floor to floor carefully.

However, installing one or more grab bars in the right spot could make a big difference to their safety while they’re on their feet. They will have at least one fixed handhold in a convenient position to reach for, which can provide you and them with more peace of mind.

You may increase the value of your home

Making home modifications to improve accessibility in your home could increase the value of your property. For potential buyers with limited mobility, for any reason, finding a home with multiple grab bars installed may be a considerable plus. Not only will they feel more secure when viewing the property, they can also avoid the added cost of installing them at a later date.

Fortunately, any prospective buyers who feel the grab bars are unnecessary can have them removed easily without leaving a lasting trace.

Grab bars are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

One of the main advantages of grab bars is that they’re versatile: you can install them inside and outside.

With that in mind, you could set up grab bars in various external areas around your property. You may place grab bars and a railing next to steps leading up to your front door from the street. That would improve safety during wet weather or if the steps are unstable.

Additionally, grab bars are helpful along garden walls, in garages, and near pools. Grasping the bar aids stability when watering flowers, getting into your car, stepping down into a pool, or performing any number of outdoor activities.

Are you interested in installing grab bars at home?

Grab bars offer homeowners an extensive range of benefits, from reducing the likelihood of falls to restoring independence. If you feel inspired to try grab bars, or you want to know more, Total Access Solutions is here to help you.

We can install grab bars and other accessibility solutions, including stairlifts, vehicle lifts, ramps, and much more at highly competitive rates. Contact Total Access Solutions today to schedule your free consultation.

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