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Here is How Timely Service of Your Stairlift Will Save You Money

Stairlifts rely on many components working together at the same time to move you up or down your staircase safely. But these components will be affected by wear and tear with repeated use. And your stairlift will eventually require a service to check that it functions as it needs to.

Stairlift servicing is vital for your continued peace of mind. If you depend on a stairlift to move around your home independently, you want to trust that it will work properly and efficiently for as long as necessary.

But stairlift services will also help you save money in the future. How?

Join us as we explore the key benefits and answer essential questions on stairlift servicing.

Why Should You Schedule a Timely Stairlift Service?

Here are four reasons to book a routine stairlift service:

Less Risk of Paying for Unexpected Repairs in an Emergency

If your stairlift is affected by a serious performance issue without warning, that could cause problems. For example, if you’re sitting on the lift when it breaks down halfway along your staircase, you may be unable to climb down from it unassisted. That could leave you stranded on the stairlift until a member of your household, a friend, or a carer can help.

But another problem would be paying for a specialist to repair your stairlift unexpectedly. Depending on your choice of the repair company, the age of your stairlift, and the nature of the fault, you might face substantial costs.

Book a stairlift service regularly to decrease the likelihood of unforeseen repair fees.

Your Stairlift Should Last for Longer Before You Need a Replacement

What if your stairlift is so damaged or outdated that it can’t be repaired? What if you need to choose between paying for a brand-new stairlift or losing the convenience of a stairlift completely?

It would be a difficult choice for anyone who depends on a stairlift every day. However, timely stairlift servicing can help your model remain functional for quite some time before you need to worry about finding a replacement.

Avoid Extra Costs for Alternative Solutions

Stairlift servicing can identify small technical issues and stop them from developing into bigger ones. A skilled technician will take the time to check your stairlift thoroughly during a service, ensuring that it stays safe, functional, and comfortable for you to use.

But if you continually overlook servicing, even when you believe a technical problem could affect performance, the stairlift may become unusable. It might need to be taken out of your home for a comprehensive repair or even to be replaced.

As a result, you would be required to find an alternative solution for moving up and down stairs, such as hiring a carer to help you or installing railings alongside your stairs. Whatever the cost, these alternatives would incur additional expenses on top of paying for your stairlift to be repaired or replaced (if you choose either option).

Fortunately, the timely service of your stairlift may prevent you from needing to pay for an alternative. A good technician will be happy to discuss any issues that concern you, and let you know whether they’re likely to escalate. Here are the most common stairlift problems to look out for.

Keep Your Stairlift in Good Condition for a Buyback Plan

Regular services will help your stairlift stay not just functional for longer but in good condition. That’s ideal if you intend to take advantage of a stairlift provider’s buyback plan in the future.

What is a buyback plan? It’s simple. Some providers pay money for used stairlifts, and the amount offered is based on its overall condition.

General wear and tear are inevitable with any stairlift, even if you take the best possible care of it. This will affect your stairlift’s value down the line, but significant damage or technical issues could prevent you from making any money from it at all. Certain parts or internal components may be expensive to replace or could have been discontinued altogether.

With regular servicing, though, you can reduce the likelihood that your stairlift will contain obsolete components. Your stairlift should still be worth money even after years of frequent use. For a valuation, speak to a trusted local provider about their buyback plans.

How Frequently Should Your Stairlift Be Serviced?

Several factors will dictate how often your stairlift needs to be serviced. The older your stairlift is, and the more frequently you use it, the more often you should schedule a service.

Once per year may be enough for many stairlifts, while others will benefit from more regular inspections.

What Does a Stairlift Service Involve?

The specifics of a stairlift service vary from provider to provider. However, certified technicians will usually run through the following tests and checks:

● Testing batteries.

● Inspecting bolts, screws, and nuts, tightening when necessary.

● Checking for any signs of damage to the stairlift and its internal components.

● Examining the motor and the rail to make sure they function correctly.

● Assessing wiring and addressing potential electrical issues.

These are just some example steps that your stairlift service check may involve. Speak to your provider for a more detailed breakdown of the process.

Choose Experienced Stairlift Specialists for Servicing You Can Trust

If this post has inspired you to schedule a service for your stairlift, Total Access Solutions is ready to help you.

Total Access Solutions is a full-service provider: we service the accessibility aids we sell — we’ll never outsource another company to do it. You’ll only ever deal with our dedicated team and certified technicians.

We have more than 30 years of experience in supplying barrier-free solutions for diverse needs, from stairlifts and grab bars to wheelchair ramps. We provide a wide range of stairlift models for interior and exterior staircases, with lifts to suit straight and curved railings.

Our technicians perform comprehensive stairlift services to keep all models performing better for longer. We also offer a stairlift buyback plan, so you could sell your stairlift to us when you’re ready for a new model.

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