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A Complete Guide on Homecare Beds & Surfaces - What you Need to Know

Are you concerned about an elderly parent’s quality of sleep or the lack of it? Do they sleep on a bed that leaves them aching and sore each morning? Does the bed they have now allow them to adjust the back and knee angles? A good Homecare bed will have three functions: height adjustable (for safe transfers, higher to get out of and lower for getting into), Back angle adjustable, and knee angle adjustable.

If so, it may be time to switch their bed for a home care bed and surface designed to maximize comfort and support. A number of brands, including Permobil, Drive Medical and Rotec, cater to people with complex physical requirements.

But as there is such a wide range of options on the market, narrowing your search down to just one can be difficult, especially if you have no knowledge or experience in this area.

To make the buying process easier, we have written this complete guide on homecare beds and surfaces. We will cover all the details you need to know below, including what to look for when browsing the market, choosing memory foam mattresses, and what you can expect from a reliable provider.

What to Look for When Buying a Homecare Bed or Mattress

A little research goes a long way and can help you find the best home care beds on the market. It can be a time-consuming but worthwhile process: if you can find a high-quality, high-performance bed that suits your elderly parent’s physical needs, you can feel reassured that they will be genuinely comfortable.

Some beds include numerous additional features, such as LED lighting, memory settings, assist bars, footboard controls, and massage settings for extra comfort. These features may add a little to the cost of a home care bed but can make a significant difference to your parent’s daily life.

For instance, some beds are adjustable, often via a user-friendly remote control, to provide support in varied sitting positions. For example, if your elderly parent loves to sit up and watch television in bed, they will be able to get comfortable without needing to lift their head or prop themselves up. Instead, the bed will keep them in their chosen position for as long as necessary.

Certain home care beds include a USB phone charger: that provides people who spend hours in bed each day with a simple, convenient way to keep their favourite devices ready to use. That is particularly beneficial if they enjoy long phone chats with friends or family members, as they can keep the device charged right from their bed.

Tips for Choosing a Homecare Bed

So, where to start? Keep it simple to begin with: check online reviews written by customers. Ideally, you will find reviews that address key factors such as how easy the bed is to set up, how secure the side rails feel, and any additional features available.

Another option is to browse professionally written reviews that offer more in-depth insights into products than those posted by customers. For example, one of the most well-known sites covering a wide range of products is Consumer Reports. Home care mattresses and beds can make a huge difference to an elderly parent’s quality of life, so discuss the best home care beds you discover online with them — they will appreciate having input into the purchase.

Never be afraid to ask a trusted provider of home accessibility solutions for detailed information about their products. As with buying a stair lift or any other item designed to help people with certain physical needs, choosing the right home care bed is paramount, and a good provider will be happy to help you.

How to Choose the Right Memory Foam Mattress for Your Elderly Parents

Choosing a high-quality surface or mattress is just as important as finding the ideal bed.

Countless people invest in memory foam mattresses for elderly parents. The best foam mattresses offer good support and a high level of comfort, which is crucial if your elderly parent spends most (if not all) of their time in bed.

Memory foam, otherwise known as viscoelastic polyfoam, is designed to mould to the shape of the sleeper’s body and relieve discomfort from sore pressure points on the back, shoulders, hips, and knees. Body weight is evenly distributed across the bed, so it may become easier and more comfortable to lie in different positions than on any other type of mattress.

All this may come as a very welcome change if your elderly parent has spent years sleeping on a mattress that is too firm.

But before you buy a memory foam mattress for elderly parents in your home, consider your options carefully based on your parent’s physical condition and sleeping habits.

Check foam mattress reviews written by professionals and fellow customers. Informative foam mattress reviews can reduce your risk of buying the wrong bed and paying further money down the line for a better one.

One of the key considerations when choosing any memory foam mattress for elderly parents is the price. It is understandable that you want your parents to enjoy a luxurious experience, but you don’t need to buy the most expensive mattress on the market to get outstanding quality. A trusted provider will recommend the best mattresses that align with your budget.

The thickness is another important factor to bear in mind: the density of the memory foam will have a significant impact on the mattress’s comfort and support. Thicker foam provides the strongest support, so it may be best to buy a high-density mattress for someone who sits up in bed for long periods.

Start Shopping for Your Home Care Beds and Surfaces Today

Finding the best home care beds for your elderly parent doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated — Total Access Solutions is here to make it simple.

We have more than 30 years of experience helping people retain their independence with an extensive portfolio of barrier-free solutions and home modifications. Our team can install everything from the latest stair lift models to grab bars and even vehicle lifts.

We will discuss your elderly parents’ physical requirements in detail, then recommend the best options with full transparency. Speak to our friendly team to get started today!

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