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How to Select the Right Home Care Bed and Surface

With so many home care beds and surfaces on the market, choosing the right one for you or a loved one can be difficult. How do you know which features or functions are the most important?

To help make it easier, we’ll explore eight key questions you need to ask when buying a home care bed and surface below.

What is the Weight Capacity?

The weight capacity is the most important factor to consider when looking for a suitable home care bed. Investing in a model designed to accommodate users below your weight range creates a serious safety risk.

A higher weight capacity will allow a loved one (such as a spouse or grandchild) to share the bed from time to time, too.

If you are planning on purchasing a home care bed for someone else, it’s best that you weigh them (if possible) before you start exploring their options. That can save time that you may otherwise waste researching beds with an unsuitable capacity. Fortunately, some home care beds are built to accommodate up to 600lbs.

Does the Bed Include Full or Half Side Rails?

Side rails are vital to minimize the risk of falling out of bed while asleep or changing position. It can be difficult to judge how close you are to the edge of the surface, and, sadly, accidents can happen.

Additionally, side rails provide valuable support while getting into or out of bed. Caregivers or loved ones may also lean on the rails for balance or comfort while tending to the user.

Certain home care bed models, such as the Permobil Halsa Bed, may come with full or half side rails based on the user’s specific needs. Whichever type of side rails you choose, they must be fully secured to the bed frame for reliable safety.

What is the Maximum and Minimum Height?

The height of a home care bed can be adjusted to suit different needs. A lower height may be best if you or your caregiver is of smaller stature, while a higher height would be preferable if you receive help from someone taller.

Adjustable heights also allow you to look out of a window more comfortably, watch television at a better angle, or reach a drink placed on a low bedside table. With a quick adjustment, you will be at the right height for any situation.

Making sure you check the height adjustment so that it will be able to accommodate your needs as well as those of potential caregivers.

What Controls Does the Bed Include?

Certain home care beds and surfaces can be adjusted to different inclines, such as the Permobil Trost and Trost Plus, which can be set to 15 to 30-degree positions, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, while other beds are more restricted.

The flexibility to change the incline is a welcome addition for people who spend most or all of their time in bed. Not only can they stay comfortable by changing their position throughout the day, but they can also get into a more practical position for eating, drinking, or watching television with minimal effort.

Different controls may be included with your home care bed, though. One of the most common is a handheld control remote, which allows you or a caregiver to easily increase or decrease the incline with a quick push of a button. Footboard controls may be an available option as well.

Additionally, battery backup provides peace of mind in the event of a power cut or other electrical issue.

Do You Need a Trapeze Bar?

Trapeze bars may be available with certain home care beds, such as the Permobil Trost and Trost Plus.

A trapeze bar is placed above the bed at a convenient height so that you or the bed’s user can grab it for support while they adjust their position. Perhaps they want to sit up and lean against a pile of comfortable pillows while they read, for example.

Using a trapeze bar can also make a carer’s job a little easier when they help you get dressed or ready to leave the bed.

If you believe a trapeze bar may be an advantage to you or a loved one, check that it’s an option with any home care beds that appeal to you.

Do You Want a Home Care Bed with Massage Settings?

Massage settings can be included in certain home care beds and surfaces, including the Permobil Resten Hi-Lo.

They may not appear to be an essential addition initially, but a high-quality massage functionality may be able to provide temporary relief from discomfort and aid with sleep.

It’s vital that you or the person you buy the bed or surface for is happy with the massage option. They may prefer a more traditional home care bed instead.

What Extras are Available?

If you or a loved one is likely to spend long periods in bed, little extras can provide a more comfortable, satisfying experience. While not essential, they will nonetheless serve a practical purpose and assist with everyday tasks.

For example, the Permobil Resten Select and Permobil Resten Hi-Lo include LED lighting. This can be beneficial for reading in bed, for example, or eating at a later hour.

USB phone chargers are a small but helpful addition, too, offering greater convenience and ensuring that your phone is always charged for potential emergency calls.

How to Find the Ideal Home Care Bed and Surface for You

We hope this post has provided you with valuable tips for buying the right home care bed and surface. Total Access Solutions has a wide range of the latest models from trusted brands.

For more than 30 years, we have provided customers across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with high-quality access solutions, including stairlifts, railings, and more. To find out more about our home care beds and surfaces, contact our dedicated team today!

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