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Defying Boundaries - Unveiling the Potential of Pool Lifts for Enhanced Aquatic Accessibility

More than 6.2 million people across Canada identify as having a disability, according to Canada’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (2022). Numerous forms of disability leave individuals with limited abilities, which can make everyday activities — such as swimming — difficult or seemingly impossible.

Many people may struggle to climb into and out of a pool safely, whether in their own home or at a local venue. But pool lifts are an increasingly popular solution. They provide users with secure access to pools and help those living with disabilities to swim or try water therapy.

How do they work? And what types are available? We’ll cover these and other important questions below.

The Mechanics of Pool Lifts

How Do Pool Lifts Work?

Pool lifts are designed to transfer users from the poolside into the water and back again. The user positions themselves on the seat, and the lift lowers them into the pool at a safe, stable speed.

Depending on the type of pool lift installed, the specifics of their function differs. For example, some may be hydro powered, while others run on batteries. Some are automatic, and others are manual. We’ll cover the different types available below.

What are the Different Types of Pool Lifts Available?

Manufacturers create a wide range of pool lifts for individuals with limited abilities. Here are the main types available:


Portable pool lifts can move from pool to pool or be stored safely when not in use.


Permanent pool lifts are fixed in place and anchored to a stable point beside a pool.


Hydraulic pool lifts are also known as manual lifts, as they’re operated by a hand crank.

Battery Powered

Battery power is common in portable pool lifts, though some permanent lifts may run on batteries, too.

Hydro Powered

Hydro powered lifts use water pressure to function, and are primarily the permanent type.


Rotational pool lifts can rotate to help individuals with limited abilities access pools conveniently, with some lifts able to rotate fully 360 degrees. These suit a wide range of pool designs.


Non-rotational lifts extend the seat out from a fixed position, and are best for pools with less space to maneuver.

The Impact of Pool Lifts on Accessibility

How do Pool Lifts Help Individuals with Limited Abilities?

Aqua Creek Products, our partner manufacturer, carries several testimonials on its website. These are written by real customers to praise the impact that pool lifts have made on their lives. For example, Jack D. (from Sarasota, FL) discussed how one lift has benefited his sister:

“She is stuck in a wheelchair and it’s only when she is in the pool she can stretch out and exercise … I am so happy that this lift has worked so well for her.”

Another testimonial, from Matt and Kim (Palm Desert, CA) indicated how their pool lift had helped a friend: “She was able to confidently and comfortably access the pool at will. It gave her such joy to be in the water … This would not have been possible without a safe portable lift.”

These are just two true examples of how a pool lift can help people access water in a safe, comfortable, convenient way. Find more testimonials at Aqua Creek Products’ site.

How Do Pool Lifts Help in Promoting Inclusion in Public and Private Pools?

Pool lifts demonstrate that public and private pools are for everybody, regardless of their physical or mental limitations. Installing a pool for a private pool enables all members of a household, and visitors, to enjoy spending time in the water without necessarily relying on others to get in or out.

At public pools, pool lifts prevent individuals with limited abilities from feeling left out, whether they’re part of a school group, with friends, or looking to enjoy personal time in the water.

Overcoming Barriers: The Benefits of Pool Lifts

What are the Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Swimming and Water Therapy?

Pool lifts enable individuals with limited abilities to discover (or rediscover) the joys of being in water, whether to swim or take part in water therapy. Both offer real physical and mental health benefits.

One of the main advantages of swimming and water therapy is that water-based exercise is low impact. People can move their bodies without placing as much stress on their joints as they would while running, cycling, or even walking.

  • Group-based swimming and water therapy provide an opportunity to socialize and meet other individuals with limited abilities.

  • Water therapy can help to reduce stiffness and swelling, and improve range of motion, which may help those living with arthritis.

  • Spending time in a pool with friends, alone, or with an aquatic therapist can help to induce relaxation and reduce stress.

Pool lifts empower individuals with limited abilities to get more exercise and get into a pool with little to no assistance, providing them with more independence. Improving physical and mental health with regular visits to a pool can improve an individual’s general quality of life, too.

The Latest Advances in Pool Lift Technology

Pool lift technology continues to advance, with the latest models boasting incredible designs and features. Anyone planning to invest in a pool lift for a public or private pool can choose from an extensive selection of options. There is a model for all physical needs and pool designs.

For example, the Admiral Pool Lift from Aqua Creek Products has a unique, non-rotating design created for in-ground pools and spas. It also has an adjustable seat height for users in taller wheelchairs.

And the Revolution XL Deep Draft is suitable for in-ground and partially raised pools, with full 360-degree rotation.

These demonstrate how versatile, convenient, and dependable pool lift technology has become.


Pool lifts are a fantastic solution for individuals with limited abilities. They can help people swim, engage in water therapy, or enjoy relaxing in their own pool independently.

Total Access Solutions works with Aqua Creek Products to provide pool lifts to customers across Toronto and GTA. Contact our friendly team today to learn more.

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